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Certification Process & Fees

The certification process follows these steps:

  1. To access the online application and create your username and password, please click here.
  2. Pay the $295 one-time processing fee to begin the application.This fee is non-refundable.
  3. Complete your application and attach supporting documentation.   Note that the application may be saved on-line at any point in the process. 
  4. Pay the annual supplier membership fee (revenue based)
  5. CAMSC will review your documentation, and follow-up if any additional documentation is required.
  6. A site visit will be scheduled to meet company owners, verify information in your application and to get to know you and your business.
  7. Upon review and approval by the Certification committee of the Board, your CAMSC Certificate will be mailed to you, and you will be added to the CAMSC certified supplier database with access to all other supplier benefits.
  8. CAMSC supplier orientation session scheduled.

CAMSC Supplier Fee Structure

Certified supplier membership fees are annual and based on your previous year's gross revenue. In addition, there is the one-time certification processing fee of $295. Both fees are non-refundable so please ensure you meet all the criteria required for certification and are willing to provide all required documentation.

One-time Fee 



Annual Membership Fee


Rush Service



$350 (revenue < $500,000)
$590 (revenue $500,000 - $5MM)
$750 (revenue > $5MM)

Certification Processing Time:

Regular Service: 30 - 60 business days (starting from receipt date of ALL mandatory information)

Rush Service: 25 business days (starting from receipt date of ALL mandatory information)

Guidelines for online Certification Process:

Please find below a series of helpful tips to help you complete your application for certification:

  1. Before you start the application process, please watch this 10 minutes tutorial video with the application step by step.
  2. After paying the one-time certification administration fee, you will be directed to the certification application, which is broken down into 10 distinct sections. The online application system allows you to Save and return to the complete the application in multiple sessions as needed, and the sections may be completed in any order.
  3. The application is designed to be completed electronically.  Please note, all supporting documentation needs to be scanned and uploaded in its appropriate sections.  Uploading Notes:  Name each document with: "Company Name – Document Name" (e.g. ABC Consulting – Articles of Incorporation).  Ensure each document is saved as one complete file ? do not upload individual pages of each document separately as this will result in a delay in your application.

  4. In section 3, you will be asked to identify which commodities (products/services) are relevant for your company. Please be as specific as possible - this will also determine which Biddingo (public sector) automated bid notice emails are sent to your company.
  5. Note that for incorporated companies, supporting documentation requirements which assist CAMSC in confirming ownership and management control include: (1) Master Business License, (2) Articles of Incorporation, (3) Company By-Laws, (4) Corporate company ownership structure (showing upstream parent company/companies, Trusts and personal shareholders), (5) Shareholder's Register/Ledger (current and up-to-date), (6) Share Certificate(s) (of majority shareholder(s)). All those supporting documents are mandatoryPreview the application form here (the complete list of mandatory documents can be checked in the application form).
  6. It is mandatory to attach a complete audited (preferred) or unaudited financial statements (including Review Engagement Report signed off by your accountant) for two most recent years. Failure to provide financials will disqualify your business from achieving certification. Businesses that are less than 1 year in operation need to submit a business plan and forecast financials. Please note that the system has been carefully designed with various levels of security access permissions, and only the Certification Manager and President of CAMSC are authorized to review this confidential information.
  7. Your application will be submitted to the certification committee upon receipt and review of documentation.
  8. As your application is confidential, only the primary or admin contact you listed in the online form can follow up regarding the status of the application.  Your application will not be discussed with any other individuals due to confidentiality.