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"Without CAMSC NB Spring would not have been given the opportunity to contact GM and get this far. Thank you to Joseph and the CAMSC team for all the support you have provided to me over the year; I should have done this certification 2 years ago.  As NB Spring grows and becomes a global supplier we will continue to support CAMSC and their endeavours. Keep up the great work.?

Sarah Balkissoon, CEO, NB Spring & Manufacturing Ltd

“ Prior to CAMSC’s Procurement Fair, we were unaware of Mavron’s existence or capabilities. We make our decisions not based on whether a firm is a diverse supplier or not, but whether they can bring added value at a competitive cost to the business. Mavron’s inclusion in the on-line auction resulted in significant bottom-line savings which well-outpaced the competition. So not only have we exceeded our savings objectives, we are receiving excellent service.  Reaching out to include diverse suppliers makes good business sense.”

Patricia Moser, VP Supply Chain Grand & Toy

“Supplier diversity is not only about ‘doing the right thing’ and being a responsible corporate citizen.  By including diverse suppliers into our sourcing processes, RBC also gains access to competitive offerings, greater innovation, and culturally diverse business interactions.”

Glenn De Souza, VP Sourcing, RBC

“If it weren’t for our certification and CAMSC’s networking events, we would not have had the opportunity to bid on work with several major corporations.   The introduction was invaluable to be able to demonstrate our competitive offerings.   Within six months of being certified, we have already secured contracts with Grand & Toy and Chrysler.”

Jeff Culp, VP Sales & Marketing, Mavron Transport

“We’ve seen firsthand that supplier diversity is taken seriously - Chrysler spends billions of dollars annually with minority  businesses.  CAMSC certification has improved Novo’s access to all the major automakers, and allowed us to secure additional business with several customers.”

Baljit Sierra, President, Novo Plastics

“CAMSC certification is a strategic advantage that can create opportunities that would normally be unavailable.   Over the past five years, has secured business with more than 8 CAMSC corporate members, and some of those accounts have grown dramatically over the years.   Though we don’t rely solely on CAMSC membership – we’ve gotten the best results when we combined our CAMSC network relationships with other campaigns”.

Leonard Jean-Pierre, President,

“CAMSC allowed us to present ourselves to large corporations, putting us on a level playing-field where we were considered like any other capable supplier.  CAMSC broke the ice, and we particularly valued the informal networking opportunities where both parties could meet under a stress-free, neutral environment.    Our ultimate success in securing a packaging opportunity with PepsiCo Frito-Lay was thanks to investments made by both Flexipak and FritoLay over an 18-24 month period." 

Karl Boustany, Vice President and GM, Flexipak Inc.

"As a minority women owned company, AMÖI Magazine faced many challenges as a new publication, while attempting to grow its readership, subscription and advertising base.    CAMSC has been instrumental in helping AMÖI get access to the marketing and communications department of large corporations.   Through the CAMSC network, AMÖI has been able to secure contracts with HP, Coca Cola, Alcatel Lucent, Accenture, RBC, GM, Chrysler, Turner Broadcasting Systems to name a few."

Chioma Ikejiani, Publisher, AM ÖI Magazine

“Within 4 months of our meeting marketplace appointment at the Diversity Procurement Fair, we had secured new business with a major automotive OEM.   CAMSC certification is a valuable tool that got us in front of the logistics decision makers”.

Zaid Joseph, President, SE Freight